So Far, So Good!

So Far, So Good!

November 12, 2019 by

Well, our elk and deer seasons are almost over. It seemed to scream by so quickly! The hunts were beyond our expectations as the elk and deer had gotten enough sustenance to produce some really massive racks even though rains were pretty slim this summer! 
Scroll through our elk picture gallery and the kills so far this year show up the last ten at the bottom of the page. I think you can say that our BRO guarantee is working! As a joke, Bob used to talk about our guarantee...that you will see a bull, and hopefully could shoot the broad side of a barn and get a bull...but you would definitely see one, this the BRO guarantee. Big Rim Outfitters guarantee! The guides have been at the top of their game this year doing a fantastic job of going the extra mile to find and get a good opportunity for nearly every one of our hunters to see and take a shot at their dream bull or buck! Of course, we aren’t done with the mule deer hunt that’s in progress right now and we have one more elk hunt so there is still more story to tell!
The mule deer and coues deer hunts have been super fun and challenging yet have produced some really nice bucks. A soggy day or two hasn’t hindered the hunting as our hunters connected and are taking home nice bucks! One hunter had a buck so patient it let him take a total of 12 shots at it over the course of a few days, coming back out in the same area again and again! Can’t say that happens too often! The coues deer taken this hunt wasn’t large but so unique that the hunter couldn’t pass him up. He is nick-named the Harley buck or Captain Hook as he has some ape hanger curves to his rack. Pretty cool! Look on the mule deer and coues deer picture galleries to see our latest bucks. Look to the bottom of the page to see the wide bucks! 
Hunters have been calling and emailing trying to get spots on next years hunts, so if you are wanting to get in better not wait! The draw for tags is March 2020. Get your name on the list and be ready when Bob begins contacting everyone to begin the application process. To speed things up, go on the NM Game and Fish website now and create you an account so you will be ready! Well, an update will come out once all of our elk and deer hunts are completed so keep your ear to the ground and be watching for it. Thanks and Happy Hunting to all!

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