How Much Am I Supposed to Tip?

How Much Am I Supposed to Tip?

February 21, 2022 by

This is something hunters contracting an outfitter need to read. Below is a link to a very good article written on the subject of how much to tip your guide. Really it’s a gratuity since tip stands for “to insure promptness” as in your waitress or hairdresser. This is a whole different ball game. A guide doesn’t see you for a few moments of your day, they are with you night and day for nearly a week. Each guide works their heart out to not only provide a great experience, they are doing what you would not be able to do in a short 5-6 days, they are finding you an elusive animal of a shootable size, hopefully a trophy and helping you be the one to harvest it so they can begin the task of skinning and prepping the animal to be hauled out on their back most of the time. They put up with long hard days and weeks, scarce game, a lot of hiking and a lot of staring thru binos or scopes trying to find the needle in the haystack! They are patient when you wheeze and suck for air because of the altitude. They slow their pace waiting for you to catch up knowing that the bull, buck, ram or whatever is just over the ridge if you can make it. They are your counselor and cheerleader when you aren’t seeing game and your bottom lip is dragging. They are excited not just to get the hunt over with, but to make you happy and have bragging rights with other guides that they are “guide of the year” or at least in the running…even if there isn’t anything but the brag at the end of the day. They enjoy making new friends and most guides are young, not well off and heck, they need your appreciation for a job well done. You do that not by just the handshake and “thanks a lot” but what’s in the handshake. Don’t forget to take good care of your guide. You don’t want to be “that one” who no one wants to take next time you come to camp because you are tight fisted with your appreciation. Sounds pretty brutal but you’re not in camp when they take out their tip and count it. The look on their face says it all. Make their day. You booked this hunt so think of every detail…what boots, clothing, and don’t forget the most important item…a healthy generous cash tip to tell your guide he’s the best!! I won’t even start on all the others that make your hunt memorable…cooks, packers, etc. Take a tip from someone who has seen it all…this is important stuff…don’t take it for granted!  Mom

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